This year’s committee:

Gill French
Since joining the Players over 30 years ago, Gill has enjoyed a variety of roles, portraying her many hidden talents. She particularly relishes any opportunity to don the old fishnet tights for a good song and dance routine. Roles have included Girl Friday, Jack (of the Beanstalk), Cheshire Cat, and more latterly she seems to fit dappy housemaid roles surprisingly well. Gill took on the Chairman’s hat in Autumn 2015

Sandy Oram
Sandy got involved with the Players in 2002 when she was invited to help with the lighting at a Players’ pantomime. Everybody seemed to be having so much fun that she thought she wanted to be part of the group, and 13 years later she’s still here and still having fun both on and off the stage.

Jane Williams
Jane has been a Plaxtol Player for over 30 years – obviously she was a child prodigy(!) She has acted, produced, directed, shifted scenery, painted flats, sold tickets, provided refreshments (normally red in colour) and chaired the committee, so could certainly be considered to be somewhat of a Plaxtol Players institution.

Julia Cannon
Julia joined the Players 2 years ago when a stand-in was needed. She had not acted before that, but felt that sometimes it is good to challenge yourself (or so she thought). She must have been right, as she has now joined the committee, and not only acts but enjoys the many other (less scary) activities in which the Players are engaged throughout the year.

Carole Howlett
Carole is a sassy (tries to be) sexagenarian (well & truly), a lover of thrills (wing walking) and spills (skydiving), and a dog lover (Buddy of course is her one true love); and as a long serving Plaxtol Player, (15 years – is it possible?) she has been able to combine her penchant for the odd glass of red wine (any vintage) and her delight in treading the boards (any part, male/female, large/small).

Ruth Backhurst
Ruth’s first appearance on stage (as an adult) was in the 2014 production “Sentimental Journey”, a baptism of fire with 6 roles! Male/female you name it she’ll have a go! Ruth has also gained a reputation for acting the drunk with not too much difficulty! Now a committee member, treasurer, and devoted to the cause.

Denise Fermor
No way you’ll see her treading the boards unless the curtains are drawn! Prompt, producer, lighting, sound and set! All the behind the scenes stuff suit her fine as she is very practical and good at DIY. Somehow got dragged onto the committee and involved in the website and marketing so no looking back!

Anna Wood
Anna moved to Plaxtol 6 years ago and having always been a bit of a thespian (more years than she cares to remember!), she quickly joined the Plaxtol Players while keeping her links with other ‘am dram’ companies. She has played a wide variety of roles including, notably, Annie in Calendar Girls with the Sevenoaks Players, and Mother in The Railway Children at the Oast. Anna recently enjoyed reprising the role of Penelope in “See How They Run” with the Plaxtol Players.